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It's a real pleasure to have the chance to share my music with you in this way. It's now been nineteen years since Butterfly Music began with the launch of the CD "These Hands" back on December 6th, 2000. During that year I worked with the students at St Joseph's Primary School, Moorebank, on recording a CD of new religious songs for children. I remember saying to the children of the "These Hands" choir one day, in about June of that year, that I hoped that one day children in Catholic Schools all around Australia would be singing "These Hands". Well now many of them do, as well as lots of children in New Zealand, the United States and Canada too, and to think about that makes me feel very thankful for the opportunities given to me by God. Read More

Meet Our Artists

Andrew Chinn

Performing over 2000 concerts across Australia, New Zealand, USA and Canada. Read more

Drew Lane

Drew is a songwriter, talented musician, sound engineer and teacher. Read more

Jane Mitchell

A great songwriting talent, beautiful voice, instrumentalist and talented artist. Read more

Tim Hart

A brilliant guitarist and vocalist, Tim's been writing songs since thirteen. Read more


Since 2001, Andrew has regularly toured schools and parishes around Australia, New Zealand and in more recent times, North America. His concerts and workshops are celebrations of faith and fun through singing, actions and a bit of comedy as well. Children are very much encouraged to be active participants, rather than spectators. Andrew’s workshops and concerts are easy to prepare and can be done purely on the day itself. More about Concerts 

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Top 10 on iTunes

1. These Hands
2. Gotta Sing, Gotta Pray
3. Rainbow
4. Irish Blessing
5. In The Footsteps of Jesus
6. Ubuntu
7. An African Blessing
8. We Gather At Your Table
9. I Light A Candle
10. In The Beginning

Songs for Upcoming Events

Graduation and Farewells
An African Blessing (POP)
Light The Way (POP)
A Father's Heart, A Mother's Heart (RU!)
Wherever I Go (WIG) and (TAO)
God Be With You As You Go (IJH)
May God Be In My Heart (MROJ) and (TAO)
An Irish Blessing (WIG) and (TAO)
Deep Peace (WTA)
One More Step (POP)
A Celtic Blessing (POP)
Shine Among Them (MROJ) and (TAO)
Come Dance With Me (POP)

Maranatha (POP and TAO)
We Are Waiting (TH)

Under Your Star (UYS and TAO) 
Maranatha  (POP and TAO)
Silent Night (UYS and TAO) 
Carol Of The Drum (UYS)

Code for CDs:
TH= These Hands
TD= This Day
WIG= Wherever I Go
MROJ= Many Roads One Journey
LYLS= Let Your Light Shine
TAO= Together As One
UYS=Under Your Star
POP= People Of Peace
IJH= In Joyful Hope
WTA= Welcome To All
RU!= Rise Up!
LFH= Love Faith Hope by Drew Lane
GIFTS= Gifts by Jane Mitchell
PH= Pure Hearts by Tim Hart

Places we're visiting:

Concerts in November:
Crookwell, NSW
Brisbane, QLD
Bankstown, NSW

Concerts in December:
Christmas Concerts in Sydney and Wollongong

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Across these great lands- from Cairns to Perth!

Even for me this week set a record. I left home on Sunday night and flew from Sydney to Cairns. I spent two days there working with the great kids and staff at St Therese's Bentley Park, celebrating their Feast Day (after the holidays!) and writing a brand new school song tog ..

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Latest News

Coming soon!

My new CD is close to completion and will be available in January and on iTunes in time for Christmas- Rise Up! ..

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"Thank You God!" lands around the world!

My new picture book, "Thank You God!" has been out for a month now and has been making its way back to the artists and "inspirations" who helped put it together. Here's my friend Peter Mercer in Adelaide presenting the book to the ..

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New picture book in production- first images!

After seven years I'm about to publish my sixth picture book, called "Thank You God", featuring songs and prayers for younger children with artwork from 3-8 year olds around the world. Saw my first images today from he children (an..

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New Noah video clip from Drew

The incredibly talented Drew Lane has ventured into the world of animation to create a video clip for his song "Noah" from his soon to be released sophomore album, "We Are One". To have a look and a listen, click here: https://www...

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New YouTube Channel for Butterfly Music

My old YouTube channel was in need of a revamp and thanks to one of the other "butterflies", Drew Lane, we've started to construct a new channel. So far it features Drew's beautiful Easter song, In The Morning, my co-write with Jan..

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