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Drew Lane

  • Song of the Spirit CD by Drew Lane

    • $20.00

    Featuring 19 new songs for Catholic Primary School classrooms and liturgies

    1. Song of the Spirit
    2. We Believe
    3. Mary Pray For Us
    4. A School Prayer (feat. Jordan Genovese)
    5. Go To Your Heart
    6. Give Thanks
    7. Always (feat. Bernadette Galea)
    8. King of the Weak (feat. Katie Riley)
    9. We Walk In Love (feat. Andrew Chinn)
    10. God Is Always There
    11. In Your Hands (feat. Angela Damelio, Catherine Noble and Sinead Fitzpatrick)
    12. Bonus Track: In Your Hands Round (feat. Angela Damelio and Catherine Noble)
    13. Candlelight (feat. Jenni Lane)
    14. Gonna Build A House
    15. I Can Do All Things (feat. Ethan Lane)
    16. Go Out
    17. Seasons Of Our Lives
    18. Horizons of Hope
    19. As You Go


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