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  • "Go To Joseph" by Br Mickey McGrath

    • $39.95

    St. Joseph has been an inspiration to many and is perhaps one of the most beloved saints among Catholics today. But how much do we really know about Joseph? His appearance in the Bible is relatively brief and rather obscure, leaving us with little knowledge of who he was and what drove his devotion to and unwavering trust in the Lord. Go to Joseph is an exploration of this man, this human being that so many of us strive to be like, especially in times of conflict and doubt. Originating from the stunning illustrations of St. Joseph by Brother Michael O'Neill McGrath, sixteen different authors have come together to bring you twenty chapters exploring different aspects of St. Joseph's life as a husband, a father, a craftsman, a traveler, a guide, and much more. Additionally, various works of art are explained in Brother Mickey's own words connecting the dots as to how St. Joseph inspired him to create these beautiful images. With this book, let St. Joseph's strength and grace become part of your own life and discover how he has become a role model for the universal Church. Hardcover with dust-jacket


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